Connie Levin

Connie is a Sacred Source Master Practitioner. She offers Reiki in Long Beach, New York. Connie is a mindful, loving, experienced Practitioner. Connie's love for Reiki knows no bounds.

Contact info: (516) 610-7303.

 Sarah McKinley

Sarah is an Advanced Practitioner of Reiki. She has been practicing Reiki for three years and during that time has found Reiki to be a true calling. She loves to give Reiki to all age groups but has particular experience with the elderly, college students, children and animals.  Sarah has a husband, two children and two dogs...all of whom love receiving Reiki.

Contact info: (518) 396-0229

Arien Smith

Arien is a Reiki Practioner in the Sacred Source Lineage, and has been performing intuitive healings previous to Reiki for several years. He currently works in the Baltimore area and works primarily with college students.
Contact info:

Kathy Pisciotta

Kathy is an Advanced Reiki Practitioner in the Sacred Source lineage. Her love for Reiki is felt by all those who come into contact with her. She is practicing in Long Beach, New York.
Contact info: 516 521-3741