Janet orzano master reiki teacher and practitioner offering classes and sessions in saratoga springs, Ballston lake, malta, clifton park, and new york


We've been on a spiritual path for over 30 years and have been practicing Reiki since 1991. After three years of extremely intensive training and practice, we earned the designation of Master Practitioners and Teachers in 1993.  

Our work, individually and together, centers around creating opportunities for students and clients to walk their path with conscious awareness and direction. We create a safe, compassionate environment to help you grow, heal, and evolve.

Although Reiki is the foundation of our work, Janet has also studied and developed practices in ITA, teaching Restorative, Yin and Slow flow Vinyassa Yoga. James offers transformational readings and in person or remote spiritual energy based development programs.

We offer Reiki sessions, Readings, and Workshops in Ballston Lake, New York.

James orzano master reiki teacher and practitioner offering classes and sessions in saratoga springs, Ballston lake, malta, clifton park, and new york

An interesting time in the proliferation of Reiki:

Our practice is based on the perspective that Reiki energy is a universal energy.  It's a path that requires humility–that we let go of our ego and practice from a place of knowing that the energy flows through us. 

Lately we have been reading and hearing Practitioners and Teachers claiming to  be "the best", "the only", the anything. These statements and claims represent a lack of understanding or respect for Reiki. Channeling universal energy is something we all can do, once we are properly attuned and trained. A pure channel has the deep knowing that we are able to channel because our ego is not involved. Respect...Humility...Gratitude for the gift of Reiki, channeling Reiki for one's self and others define the path of a practitioner who is dedicated to the sacred principles of this practice.

We are concerned about recent trends in Reiki trainings. The marketplace has diluted and condensed the attunements into one day classes, two day combined Reiki I and II classes, and one and two day Reiki Master classes. We strongly believe there are no shortcuts in developing a practice! The condensed trainings do not provide enough time to integrate the energy shifts from the attunements nor the time to work and develop a relationship to Reiki energy at each level before moving on to the next level. 

The Master Symbol, the most sacred symbol in this tradition, is now for sale. The Reiki marketplace is providing an opportunity for anyone to purchase the symbol. And then what?  Most people drawn to Reiki want to really learn and practice from a sacred place, but are ill-equipped to do so. It's all in the training...commitment, intention of the student...and the level the Master Teacher practices and teaches from that combine to provide the student with a solid foundation from which to build their own practice.

We believe the Reiki Master level is one where the student evolves into becoming a Master by living, breathing and practicing Reiki under the guidance of another Master for many years. In our lineage, a practitioner moves on to become a Reiki Master if they are committed to Reiki as a way of life, are very experienced, and have a passion to teach. The Master symbol is for passing on the tradition and ability to teach Reiki... not to market yourself as a Master when you have not achieved a deep, spiritual relationship with Reiki energy.


We have tremendous gratitude for all the teachers and sages that have shared their wisdom and inspiration with us. Their teachings continue to inspire us as well as guide us to develop the awareness and insight needed to help us and others heal.