"Both practitioners are of the highest integrity."

It is rare to know someone who you feel you can never get enough time with. This is how I feel about the Orzanos. I have worked with James and Janet in many different roles over the last several years. When facing significant life changes, I seek them out for intuitive readings, guidance and Reiki healing. The information they have provided to me has always been spot on, and provides me with the courage and direction to move forward. Most recently, I participated in their Reiki I program, which was transformational and unique because they both add different elements to the process. Both practitioners are of the highest integrity, and it is easy to see in their happy and joyful presence. They pursue their lives and teachings with honesty, humor and kindness. I highly recommended the Orzanos to many of my family members and friends. 

— Stephanie W. Ferradino, Esq.

“They are outstanding teachers who care an enormous amount.”

I have taken Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Advanced Practitioner with James and Janet. They are outstanding teachers who care an enormous amount for their students and the sacredness of Reiki. In addition to being amazing teachers, their Reiki sessions are wonderful. They create a peaceful environment that allows you to relax, let go and heal. I am so blessed to have James and Janet as Reiki Masters and wonderful friends.

— Sarah M.

"They are the very embodiment of light, love, and mindfulness."

Both my mother and I have been students of James and Janet. They are the very embodiment of light, love, and mindfulness. With love and dedication they offer lifelong support. I never stop learning from them. I feel so much gratitude to be part of their Reiki family!

— Kristin Irwin-Lefebvre

"These are true healers at the Master Level."

I have used Janet Orzano for Reiki for many years now. In times of health, illness, stress or distress, Reiki is a supportive, grounding, healing practice. There are so many Reiki practitioners out there who have very little experience and very little investment in their practice or their clients. Nothing could be further from the truth regarding Janet & James Orzano. These are true healers at the Master Level. This is their life’s work, to live in service. And when you are cared for by someone in this type of deep, meaningful, spiritual practice, you know it, you feel it, and you are changed by it. I am so grateful to them and recommend them to most people I meet.  

Mary J.

"Janet is a gifted healer with an extraordinary commitment."

I have worked with Janet Orzano for over 10 years and in that time much has healed in my life in body, mind, and spirit. Janet is a gifted healer with an extraordinary commitment to assist and support her clients in their healing process. She brings deep presence, love and compassion to her Reiki practice. I am grateful for the healing and the peace I experience after every session and for her love and companionship on this healing journey called Life.

— Kathleen R.

“Finding Janet has made a real and positive difference in my life.”

Janet Orzano is an exceptional Reiki practitioner and teacher.  Her touch is light and her hands intuitively go where they are needed in order to deliver energy that is both physically healing and emotionally restorative. She is also an extremely knowledgeable and patient teacher who is committed to sharing her gift with her students.  Janet first helps students become competent in the Reiki arts, and then she helps them realize their own power as healers. Finding Janet has made a real and positive difference in my life.  I highly recommend her. 

— Susan VR

"Thank you for an incredibly amazing and totally rejuvenating Reiki Session today. Your healing energy and dynamic light made me feel so peaceful, rested and released! Wow! I am so grateful for you!" 

— Maria B.

"What stands out for me in their style of teaching Reiki is their devotion to this powerful healing tradition."

I have had the pleasure of receiving Reiki from Janet several times. She has a gentle, comforting touch, and the powerful energy that she channels into my body always puts me into a deep state of blissful relaxation and inner peace. Both Janet and James are amazing Reiki teachers. What stands out for me in their style of teaching Reiki is their devotion to this powerful healing tradition, incorporation of ritual and heartfelt, fun, teaching style. If you are interested in learning Reiki in its traditional form and have chosen energy healing as a part of your spiritual path, then Janet and James would be perfect teachers for you.  

Laura N.

“James and Janet always receive the highest reviews from the participants.”

Stress levels among college students are increasing on an annual basis and students tend not to have the tools and abilities necessary to appropriately manage their stress.  This is a continual challenge for us at Skidmore, as it is at colleges nationwide.  The Office of Health Promotion at Skidmore provides services, opportunities, and programs designed to help students build and refine their stress management and coping skills.  Although we employ a wide range of strategies, one of the highlights of our stress management-related work has been made possible through ongoing collaboration with James and Janet Orzano, Reiki practitioners with offices at One Roof in downtown Saratoga.  James and Janet are a key piece of our pre-orientation Wellness Retreat program offered to incoming first year students.  Through this program, incoming first year students are taught the skills that they need to achieve a healthy and smooth transition to life at college.  James and Janet provide one-on-one sessions with the students and always receive the highest reviews from the participants.  Additionally, James and Janet have been instrumental in helping us to develop and offer a regular schedule of Reiki sessions for students on campus.  James and Janet, together with a group of Reiki providers who they personally trained, come to campus several times each semester and offer an evening of Reiki for our students.  Students have the opportunity to sign up for individual sessions online and, once posted, the slots generally fill up within 5-10 minutes. This program is incredibly popular and is hugely beneficial for our students. We are thankful to James and Janet for the wonderful work that they do with our students and the commitment that they have to improving student health and helping students to manage stress and build a healthy lifestyle."

Jennifer McDonald, ScD, CHES; Director of Health Promotion

“It is not necessary to understand how Reiki works. I can tell you from first hand experience that it does.”

Throughout the summer of 2012, Janet relieved the radiation and chemo fatigue from cancer treatments I received. On one occasion when my legs felt like leaden weights, I found her working on my legs although I had not mentioned how they felt. At the end of the session, my legs felt normal again. I engaged Janet in 2-3 Reiki sessions a week during these treatments and follow-up from surgeries. 

The radiation doctors at Saratoga Hospital discussed my case and marveled at how they had never seen anyone experience so few symptoms. 

Although treatment is over, I continue a weekly session to maintain my health. It is not necessary to understand how Reiki works. I can tell you from first hand experience that it does. But you need a skilled practitioner, such as you will find with Janet's magic hands.

Lois Shapiro Canter, Esq.

"The guidance from James & Janet as teachers has been crucial in helping me to develop my skills."

I initially took my Reiki I class with James and Janet as a means to give Reiki to myself.  I couldn't even begin to understand the implications it would have in other areas of life and quickly took the Reiki II class and am waiting for the next Advanced Practitioner Class now.  As a parent, I use Reiki with my little guy to help ease boo boos, both physical and emotional, as well as help him to settle at night.  As a Birth Doula, I use Reiki to help pregnant women release fears about birth and being a parent, prepare for labor, help ease labor pain, and assist baby to get into a better birthing position.  The guidance from James & Janet as teachers has been crucial in helping me to develop my skills and to trust my intuition as well as assisting me in my own spiritual journey. 

— Amanda M.


James and Janet have been such a blessing since I met them.

I took Reiki I in 2011 and Reiki II in 2012 with James and Janet. It was one of the best decisions of my life. Learning this incredible technique that I can use to heal myself and others whenever and wherever is simply amazing, and James and Janet have been such a blessing since I met them. Not only are they wonderful teachers during classes, but they have remained ever-loving mentors and friends. I'd recommend them to anyone who wants to receive or learn Reiki.

— Felicia B.

Energy readings with James have been quite insightful and empowering.

I've received Reiki treatments from both James and Janet, and they are amazing healers. Very comforting, relaxing and energizing experiences all at the same time. Energy readings with James have been quite insightful and empowering, absolutely love his sense of humor. I've also taken Reiki I and Reiki II classes with them, and they are great team when it comes to teachingvery passionate, patient, supportive, detail oriented and personable. I won't lie if I say that I consider them family by now, they are the most sincere, caring, loving and inspiring people you'd ever meet.

— Venera K.


"On James' Reiki table, I was enveloped with healing energy and light."

I was referred to James Orzano in 2004 by a friend whose husband had experienced tremendous relief for a knee injury and whose sister was seeing James to treat her depression.  At that time, I had two young sons and had been suffering with chronic fatigue, constant headaches, joint and body pain and a number of related effects of lupus and fibromyalgia for over three years.  I had seen a number of doctors, conventional and alternative, and an array of specialists, and was essentially crawling through most of my life and sleeping through the rest of it.  I was desperate for relief and equally desperate to get my life backto be a mother for my children and a partner to my husband, all of whom soldiered on while I slept through the passing seasons of our life.  On James' Reiki table, I was enveloped with healing energy and light.  I had spent years listing my array of ailments and pleading my case before strings of physicians, hoping that they'd find the key to my recovery, only to be disappointed again and again.  When I met with James, that all changed.  Each time I had a Reiki treatment with James, he would actually tell me where I was experiencing the pain (and he was right every time) and then he went about relieving it.  Slowly, over the weeks and months that I saw James, I began to emerge from the puddle that I had been lying in (face down, I might add).  I crawled, then I stood, upright, and then I walked back into my life.  Over the years, when the chaos of life has its way of diverting me from my wellness routine, I return to James, and to Reiki, to be set right.  And neither disappoints.  Reiki has become the foundation of my path to wellnessit has changed my life.  More accurately, Reiki has given me back my life, and enriched it immeasurably.  For that, I am profoundly and eternally grateful.

— Jean M.

"The knowledge they have and the gift of sharing this knowledge is what makes them very special."

I met James and Janet in 2009 where I was introduced and taught this amazing practice of Reiki.  Since then I have been trained as an Advanced Practicer and they have been my teachers all along the way.  I must say, these are two of the most amazing spiritual people I know.  They have a very calming effect and are well versed in the practice of Reiki.  The knowledge they have and the gift of sharing this knowledge is what makes them very special.  They are always there for me with the many questions I have and have been there in support of building my practice in the Long Beach, New York area. 

Just recently, I was in dire need of healing due to Hurricane Sandy and both James and Janet were in Long Island.  The treatment I received from both really calmed me down so that I was again able to focus on my every day living. 

— Kathy P.


"I was immediately drawn to experience their work."

I initially met Janet and James Orzano as colleagues in the holistic community. It became apparent very quickly that both Janet and James were passionate about providing a safe and calm space to "allow" healing to occur. I was immediately drawn to experience their work. I combined a reading from James with a Reiki session from both of them. My experience was one of safety, clarity and a sense of calm that shifted me into taking action in my own life. Often "healing" is interpreted as something that happens "to you," however the truth is that healing is something that takes place on the inner landscape of ourselves. When we are in the company of compassionate and authentic practitioners, our own process finds its way to the surface where we can be guided through our own process of taking action, ultimately expressing our own true essence and living our lives creatively rather than competitively. The inner "fight" begins to dissipate opening up space to live a life of simplicity and joy. 
Janet and James create this space effortlessly. 

— Lori M.