Reiki I Class

Reiki I is the introductory level course which provides students with their first experience with Reiki energy work.  This class is based on the assumption that we are all healers and that our healing work can only begin when we are ready to begin healing ourselves. Therefore, an emphasis on self-healing using Reiki begins this two day class.  

The teachings foster a thorough understanding of the principles, traditions, and practice of Reiki. Reiki is taught as a lifestyle and students are assisted in developing spiritual confidence, awareness and intuition which form the core of a mindful Reiki practice. We also provide the student with a thorough understanding of all aspects of giving a Reiki treatment to others. Each student has the opportunity to give and receive Reiki and to experience the excitement of giving their first complete Reiki treatment.  Other applications for Reiki are thoroughly discussed and each student leaves the class fully attuned and empowered to practice Reiki.  

This weekend class affirms our belief that taking Reiki is a sacred choice and students are prepared and urged to honor this commitment when they return to their everyday lives.

Reiki II Class

Pre-requisites: Reiki I with us, daily self treatments, 11 table treatments, at least 3 months since Reiki I

The goal of our Reiki II class is to escort practitioners to the next level of Reiki. Participation in this class deepens the practitioners awareness of Reiki energy and prepares them to incorporate sacred Reiki symbols into their practice, as well as to increase the energy flow during treatments. A powerful technique is taught to access energy patterns of one's past and to return as a Reiki healer to release the energy from these old wounds. Students are also taught and empowered to send Reiki to people, places and situations.

The spirit of this weekend class is to engage the mystical and sacred aspects of Reiki while increasing the practitioners abilities as a Reiki healer.

Advanced Practitioner

By invitation only. Prerequisites: Reiki I and II with us, active Reiki practice, and Symbol Review Workshop

The Advanced Practitioner course builds upon the spiritual foundation which is formed in Reiki I and II. This class explores the esoteric, intuitive, and mystical aspects of Reiki.  The student is taught five powerful Reiki symbols and is prepared to use them both in their personal Reiki practice and as a Reiki Practitioner with others.  

Advanced table work, as well as advanced distance healing, is taught.  This class is designed to take a serious practitioner to a deeper level. 

Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher Program

By invitation only. Prerequisites: All previous Reiki levels with us.

This is a one year, spiritually-based program, that prepares the Advanced Practitioner to enter the path of Teacher.  The program is only for those who are ready on a mind, body, and spiritual level to teach and practice Reiki at the Master level. 

Reiki Master Candidates are selected through an application process, which includes an interview, statement of intent and demonstration of mastery at the three preceding levels.