Buried deep in the history of Reiki is the sacred, mystical roots of this powerful energy source. This sacred source is open to all who choose to seek it, not through the numerous short cuts offered through the Reiki marketplace, but through the practice of Reiki. Simply stated, the energy will lead you to the source. 

The students who are drawn to our Reiki Level I class...

Want to take healing and well-being into their own hands by becoming empowered to give themselves Reiki on a daily basis.

They want to have the confidence in their training so they can help loved ones, friends, and pets when they are anxious, out of balance, or not well. 

They are considering becoming a Practitioner so they can help others bring balance and deep relaxation into their lives.

Because they know how good it feels to receive Reiki and they want to pass that feeling on to others.

Because it is time for a shift in their lives.


Cost of Reiki Classes

Reiki I:  $295
Reiki II: $350
Advanced Practitioner: $400
Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher: 

For those in our lineage, retake any class : $125

For more information about each Reiki Class level, please click here.

What Each Reiki Class Includes

  • Two guided Reiki meditations
  • Complete manual
  • Framed Certificate of Completion
  • Lunch, snacks, beverages
  • Follow-up Practitioner class gathering
  • James and Janet for your Reiki questions/guidance for life.

All of this is offered in an atmosphere of love, warmth and loving-kindness. Scholarships are available. 

Additional Reiki Offerings:

Open Practitioner Gatherings for students in our lineage.

Guided Reiki Meditation Workshops
Group Reiki events open to public.

Practicing Reiki with Skidmore College Students, under our supervision.

Guided Meditation Workshops: Open to public and often thematically driven