Personalized Guided Meditations - $75

We will write and produce a personalized C.D. based on your needs–mentally, physically, and spiritually. Each C.D. is tailored to help you move through issues that are blocking you from healing and fulfilling your soul's purpose.  

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Thematic Guided Meditations - $15 

  • Self-Treatment Affirmations–general and thematic
  • Pre- and Post-Surgery Healing–Guided healing meditation
  • Introduction to Meditation–A gentle, mindful approach developed specifically to assist those new to meditation
  • Heart Healer–Healing your emotional heart
  • Healing your Heart–An opportunity to open your heart and to begin the healing process in a safe, gentle atmosphere. Designed for people in need of healing spiritual, emotional or cardiac wounds.
  • Finding your Path–Perfect when it's time for you to take your place on your spiritual path.
  • Beginning Meditation Series:
    • First Steps
    • Going Deeper
    • Mantra Meditation
  • Spiritual Conversation Series II:
    • The Sanctuary Within
    • Passion
    • Spiritual Practice
  • The Below The Surface Series:
    • Below The Surface
    • Awareness
    • Peace In Every Step
    • Loving Kindness and Self-Compassion
    • Resistance
    • Om/Maranatha 
    • Change
  • The Reiki Practitioner Series:
    • Intuition Meditation
    • Gratitude
    • The Reiki Challenge
    • Inward and Outward
    • Faith and Trust
    • Light Side of Reiki
    • The Inner Path to Healing
    • Leave The Light On
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Reiki + Reading + Individualized Guided Meditation Package - $225


  • An intuitive reading with James followed by a Reiki treatment
  • A follow up Reiki Session with an individualized guided meditation.
  • Take-home C.D. of the individualized meditation 
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Breakthrough Program - $ 275

This intensive program is designed for those that really want to and are ready to break through the issues that prevent you from moving forward and changing.


  • An intuitive reading with James
  • Two follow up sessions with James